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PureNav is an app that allows you to be on time to to the places that you go to often


How to use Purenav

To use the app, you start by adding your home address and one common place that you go to often at specific times. The app will then suggest to you the best time to go based on traffic in order to reach to your destination on time. When the time comes you will get an alert that reminds you to go. When the trip starts the app will suggest two route options to you a shortest and a safest route. You can choose either one. After the trip has ended you will rate that trip so that other community members can learn from your review and the research team suggests better routes later on. 



This app has been developed specifically for use within the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, and Cole communities for this study project. Using this app will benefit local residents, as the collection of information will inform the enhancement of current projects.


Key Features


Trips scheduling


Suggesting Routes


Trip reminders


Trips rating

FAQ: How to Use PureNav App/Como Usar PUREmotion

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