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PurEmotion es una aplicación de teléfono que ha sido desarrollada con la retroalimentación de la comunidad para acceder a los impactos y efectos diarios de la construcción y polución. Cada 6 meses, a partir de enero del 2021, 200 residentes de la comunidad participarán en el Reto de 30 Días como parte del estudio de investigación SJEQ-D y usarán esta aplicación para reportar sus experiencias diarias relacionadas con la construcción y polución.


Nuestro Proyecto

PurEmotion incluye una serie de preguntas que se responden diariamente en 2 minutos. Los residentes del estudio responderán preguntas acerca de su bienestar, estado de animo, exposición a preocupaciones ambientales como
la contaminación del aire, e impactos de la construcción en el transporte. Al solicitar esta información diariamente, a través de una aplicación de teléfono, podremos recopilar datos sobre en qué parte de la comunidad los
residentes están experimentando estos problemas. La información también se resumirá para que los participantes vean su propia experiencia a lo largo
del tiempo.



Esta aplicación ha sido desarrollada específicamente para su uso en las comunidades de Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, y Cole para este proyecto. El uso de esta aplicación beneficiará residentes locales, ya que la recopilación de
datos informará el desarrollo futuro de la aplicación, incluidas las sugerencias de transporte para evitar preocupaciones de construcción, e información sobre la calidad del aire para mitigar la exposición a la contaminación de este.


Datos Diarios

Características Clave


Colección de datos

Datos Semanales

Rachas de Datos

PurEmotion es una aplicación que los miembros de la comunidad pueden usar para reportar diariamente sobre su bienestar e impactos de la construcción, incluida la calidad del aire cercano como científicos de la comunidad que contribuyen al estudio. Los residentes podrán ver un resumen de sus reportes diarios y promedios semanales. La aplicación incluye procedimientos de "gamificación" que muestran a los residentes el número de envíos diarios, cuántos días seguidos ha hecho envíos, y recompensas totales por sus aportes.

FAQ: How to Use PurEmotion App

  • How do I install PUREmotion?
    Go to the App Store for iPhone/Google Play Store for Android and search for “puremotion” Install and open the app
  • How do I create an account?
    Before using the app, make sure you are connected to the internet To start using the app you will need to register as a user in the app To register, enter your mobile number in the field where it says “Mobile Number” Click the orange button that says “Login” in the bottom of the screen If your number is correct, you will receive a text message with a verification number Enter the the verification number you received into the app If you did not receive a verification number, tap on “Resend verification code”
  • How do I login?
    The app will not ask you to log in each time you use the app unless you logged out or are using another phone To log in, simply enter your phone number that you have created an account with previously If it is a new phone you will need to verify the mobile number again as you did in the “Creating an account” steps
  • How do I add or change reminders?
    When you first launch the app, it will ask you to allow notifications In order to receive reminders, you have to allow the app to send notifications If you did not allow it at first, you can do that from your phone settings To turn off daily notifications, go to the “Reminders” section from the side menu inside the app (“three lines menu”) on the top left corner
  • Do I need to give the app location permission?
    Yes, device location needs to be tracked in order to use the app for this study Tap on the “Allow once” on iPhone/”Only this time” on Android option when you are registering in the app (you will need to allow it each time you use the app) If you want the app not to ask you each time, go to the phone settings and allow PUREmotion to “Always” access the location If using an iPhone, you may receive a pop-up message about PUREmotion tracking your location and ask if you want to change this setting. If this occurs you can select “Always” to allow the app to track location without additional notifications.
  • How do I submit my daily form?
    EN: From the home menu, click on the orange plus sign button Pressing the plus sign will take you to a multiple-screen form consisting of multiple questions to answer: The first question asks about your current feelings: Select from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) to indicate how much you have the specified feeling The second question asks you about your current location and whether you are indoor or outdoor. If you are in a different location click on “Or type other option” and type it. Next, it will ask you about the number of hours that you spent outside today choose one of the choices. After that it will ask you about the environment around you. Select 5 if you are satisfied with the quality and 1 if you are not, or something in between. Then it will ask you to be specific which qualities of the air you did not like - Select all the factors that you do not like about air quality or “None” if you are satisfied with the air quality. Then it asks you two questions about your transportation during the past day. The first question asks you how did you move around your community in the past day. Choose one of the displayed options. The second question asks you How satisfied are you with the impacts of the construction as you moved around the community? (e.g.delays, detours, potholes, etc.) Choose 1 if you are satisfied and 5 if you are not. The last screen allows you to write down any additional comments that you have regaring your experience during that day. This is an optional field. After completing the questions, you will see a “Submit” button - this will generate your payment for the day. You will see this payment noted at the bottom of the home screen in your total rewards earned
  • How does the payment (rewards) work?
    EN: For each daily submission, you will receive a monetary reward based on the total number of submissions that you have To redeem the rewards to actual money at the end of the study, you will need to have a minimum of 7 days of submitted information At the end of the study period (30 days), you will receive your total rewards based on the number of submissions that you have. The amount of daily reward will depend on the number of total submissions as follows: 1-6 days total: 80 cents/day. 7-21 days total: 1 dollar/day, 22-30 days total: 1.15 dollars/day. Don’t forget to fill out the app everyday! You will get bonus rewards for streaks - filling out the form for many days in a row will multiply your earnings by the number of days you’ve completed the form by a rate of .05% per day (for example, a 15 day streak means your total rewards will be increase by 7.5%) The maximum payment for app use is $40 if you use it everyday for 30 days.
  • How do I update PurEmotion app?
    For iPhone user: Go to the App Store app Tap on your user profile image on the top right of the screen Tap on purchased Tap on “update” next to PUREmotion app For Android users Open the Google Play Store app . At the top right, tap the profile icon. Tap Manage apps & device. Apps with an update available are labeled "Update available." Tap Update.
  • If daily forms are not being recorded in the app
    When you submit a your daily form and you are connected to the internet, then it is recorded in our database. But If you are not connected they will be save to the your mobile phone. Then once you use the app again while connected to the internet they will be synced to the cloud. And every time you open the app while connected to the internet, all of your submissions will be loaded into your device. So to make sure your forms are recorded do the following: Make sure you are connected to the internet. While still connected, close the app and open it again to reload your submissions. Tap the left arrow (below the “Daily” tab) in the top left of the screen to go to previous days and see your submissions To see a summary of the total number of submissions tap on the metallic trophy icon in the bottom of the screen to show you “Your Scores” screen with more details. In that screen, just below the trophy you will see a phrase that starts with “Based on total ..” which tells you how many submissions do you have. If you think that you have submitted more than what is shown there please contact the SJEQ study team.
  • If streaks are not being recorded in the app
    If you submit a form every day from 12:00am to 11:59pm each will count as 1 day streak. Once you miss one day, the count will start from zero and you will only see the maximum number daily streaks that you have reached so far. You can know the current daily streak the your are in after submitting the first daily entry from the orange screen. The second, third, fourth, etc. daily submissions will not be counted for streaks. To make sure the streaks are counted correctly do the following: Make sure you are connected to the internet. While still connected, close the app and open it again to reload your submissions. In the bottom left corner you will see “max streaks” which shows you the correct number of daily streaks that you have reached. If you think that you have submitted more than what is shown there please contact the SJEQ study team.
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